Maintaining the asset value of your home or rental property has become, to say the least, a trying experience for many homeowners and property owners.  Typically, large management companies for multi-family and residential real estate have resources to draw upon within their organizations that are dedicated to repairs and maintenance. This staff can provide for 24 hour a day maintenance service to their clients, plan for and execute capital improvements when needed and screen potential contractors to receive the best service for the best price.  But where does that leave the homeowner or independent property owners?  In most cases, it leaves you asking questions such as these:


I hate when my tenant calls me with problems, why cant I find anyone to take these calls?
  When I have an emergency situation, who will respond in the middle of the night?
  Who do I call ? How do I choose from so many contractors?
  I don't have time to interview contractors, how do I know who will provide a quality service?

How do I know the work will be completed properly and in a timely manner?
  How do I know that I am getting the best price?

How many times have you said to yourself,

  I don't know anything about maintaining a home, why isn't there someone who will just take care of these problems without all the stress?
  The last contractor was unprofessional and didn't service my client properly and my tenant is now unhappy with me as a landlord.
  I don't understand all of the technical jargon, I wish someone could explain the problem in plain English.
  I am tired of relying on the local "handyman" but I don't want to have to call a specialty company for each problem I have, what can I do?
  I can't afford to keep replacing things, is there anyone that can repair something instead of just replacing it?
  My tenant is moving out, now how will I get my home ready for a new prospective tenant?

The answers to these and many more questions is only a click away! 

We are proud to be a member of Angie's list - Atlanta Chapter of service providers and are also proud to say we have received Angie's list Super Service awards for 6 years running!

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